Lodalen Stryn
©Marvin Kuhn
©Loen Skylift
Stryn Winter
©Ruben Soltvedt
Topptur på ski i Stryn
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Hiking Hoven
©Mattias Fredriksson

Be blown away by the national-romantic landscapes of Stryn

Lodalen og Lovatnet


The scenery in Stryn is nothing short of breathtaking. Its steep waterfalls, deep valleys, tall mountains and emerald green lakes make it little wonder that photos of Stryn abound on social media. Its magnificent scenery makes Stryn the perfect arena for a wide range of activities across the municipality.


Stryn municipality has a population of around 7,120, but this figure doubles during the tourist season. Stryn is the biggest tourism municipality in Western Norway, excluding the towns and cities, and people have flocked here since the mid-19th century to experience the fantastic scenery. Tall mountains, fjords, glaciers, waterfalls and lakes in deep green valleys are the very definition of Norway, and Stryn gives visitors a taste of everything Norway has to offer.


In the centre of Stryn, you can stay at historical Visnes Hotel or at Stryn Hotel right beside the lake. Stryn Camping is the perfect choice if you want to stay in a centrally-located campsite. There are also many other lovely campsites, cabins and hotels dotted across Stryn. You can find the accommodation that suits you best at nordfjord.no. You can enjoy a visit to a lovely café like Stryn Vertshus in the centre of Stryn. There are also lots of shops, and you’ll find everything from chain stores to particularly charming specialist shops.


Briksdalsbreen i Oldedalen
Briksdalsbreen Glacier @ Ruben Soltvedt

The attractions in Stryn are lined up like a string of pearls that starts as soon as you come to the Strynefjellet mountains. Gamle Strynefjellsvegen road, which is a Norwegian Scenic Route, takes you between Stryn and Skjåk, and the unique Stryn Summer Ski Centre is situated along this road. The drive down from Strynefjellet takes you to Oppstrynsvatnet lake. Stop at the shop Gamlebutikken at Hjelle and admire the view across the green glacier lake. If you need to stretch your legs after the drive, you can do the 1 1/2 hour walk up to Segestad, where you get the best view of Hjelle. You’ll also find the Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre in Oppstryn, which focuses on the value of nature and the history of the people who live in and around Jostedalsbreen National Park.


Drive on to Loen. You can either climb Via Ferrata Loen up to the top of Mount Hoven (1,011 metres above sea level), or you can choose a quicker route by taking the Loen Skylift cable car. This is one of the biggest tourism initiatives to have taken place in Norway in recent years, and it has inspired other destinations to build similar facilities. The cable car takes you to the top of Mount Hoven in just five minutes!


Lodalen is a stone’s throw from Loen, and may well be one of the loveliest valleys in Norway. The blue-green Lovatnet lake is surrounded by dramatic mountains and is simply breathtaking. You can also learn about the dramatic Lodalsulukka accident here. Lodalen is the starting point for hikes to the mountains Skåla and Lodalskåpa.

The Oldedalen valley and Briksdalsbreen glacier are in the neighbouring valley. The Briksdalsbreen glacier has fascinated people from all over the world for more than 150 years. The first tourists came here already in the 19th century, and it is every bit as popular today.  Foto: © Helene Myhre / @helenemoo


NOS Panoramavegen i Stryn
Nos/Panoramavegen © Ruben Soltvedt
Hoven Loen Stryn.


You can drive the Panorama Road on the north side of the fjord, which gives you panoramic views of the fjord all the way to Stad municipality.


Steep mountains make for perfect hiking experiences, and perfect views as a reward. All the hikes are easily accessible and vary in degree of difficulty. There is a lot of activity in Nordfjord, and the locals are very familiar with the area. There are good waymarked paths to the summits, which are well trodden. In winter, you can enjoy mile upon mile of well-prepared ski tracks. The countless mountain summits make Nordfjord a ski tour paradise, and you’ll find summits for beginners as well as more experienced skiers.


Guided tours in Stryn


We highly recommend bringing a guide with you on the tour, because they know where to find the best snow, and the best summits and can ensure your safety. There are several skilled guiding companies in Stryn. Loen Active is the natural choice in Loen and Lodalen. If you’d like to do a glacier walk or kayak in the area around Stryn, Briksdal Adventure is the company to contact. We also recommend Bre og Fjell if you’re looking for something more extreme.



Zipline på Hoven i Loen
Zipline i Loen © Loen Skylift



Oppstryn and Oppstrynsvatnet lake are the first places you come to when you drive down from the Strynefjellet mountains. Oppstryn is the starting point for many of Stryn’s less well known hikes, and is a favourite haunt among the locals. Oppstrynsvatnet lake is every bit as green as Lovatnet lake in Lodalen, but is less well known. Here, you can find small gems along the emerald green lake, which you can enjoy all to yourself. We recommend a hike to the more than 100-year-old farm Segestad or to the top of Marsåhyrna, or exploring Erdalen valley. Erdalen valley is also the starting point for the original route along the Jostedalsbreen glacier. This tour requires planning, but the reward is three days of skiing on Norway’s roof, one of the loveliest ski trips to do in spring.


If you would like to learn more about the value of nature, cultural heritage and the history of the people living around Jostedalsbreen National Park, a visit to Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre is a must. Here, you can learn about how the glaciers have formed the landscape we see today. Maybe you’d prefer to cycle, kayak or skate? Folven Adventure Camp rents out equipment and can point you in the right direction. Conclude your visit to Oppstryn with a meal at Matstova. Foto: Foto: © Kristine H. Langstrand

Segestad til artikkel.
Loen Skylift



Loen is a lively village in Stryn municipality. This is the location of the charming Hotel Alexandra, which was built in 1884. The hotel is rich in tradition and known for its unique and personal atmosphere. Hotel Loenfjord is not far from Hotel Alexandra, and is a cosy and laid-back hotel, in an idyllic setting beside the river and the Nordfjord. Loen Skylift is just a few metres from both hotels. This cable car transports you a thousand metres up the mountain in a mere five minutes. Loen Skylift is Norway’s easiest summit trip. The cable car takes you to the top of Mount Hoven, a staggering 1,011 metres above sea level.


You can take a zipline or hike on waymarked paths on the top of Mount Hoven. For those looking for a more extreme activity, we recommend Via Ferrata Loen, a climbing path secured by wires right behind Hotel Alexandra. This path takes you to the top of Mount Hoven and the views are phenomenal along the entire route. Near the top, you’ll get amazing views of the Lodalen and Oldedalen valleys, and straight down to Loen. You can also see the towering Mount Skåla and the mountains towards Jostedalsbreen glacier. As part of Via Ferrata Loen, you can cross Gjølmunnebrua, one of the longest via ferrata bridges in Europe. We recommend concluding the day with a meal at Hoven restaurant, situated at the very edge of the mountain. The restaurant is one of the most spectacular eateries in Norway with mind-boggling views from every table.


The top of the mountain is not the only place for spectacular activities. Hire a SUP board or join Loen Active on a guided kayaking tour. If you’ve always wanted to kayak on a fjord, then Loen is the place for you!


Via ferrata Loen
Via Ferrata Loen © Loen Skylift
Breng i Lodalen




The beautiful Lodalen valley is on the west side of the Jostedalsbreen glacier, surrounded by tall mountains, dramatic waterfalls, emerald green lakes and the majestic Jostedalsbreen glacier. The glacier has a magnetic draw as you sit in your canoe and lose yourself in the amazing surroundings.


The dramatic history and spectacular landscape make the Lodalen valley a world-famous destination and photo motif. Thousands of people come from across the world every year to experience this unique valley.


In Lodalen, you can visit the beautiful summer pasture farm Breng, the starting point for the hike to Mount Skåla, the gateway to the Bødalen valley from where you can hike to Bødalseter summer pasture farm and the Bødalsbreen glacier, and Kjenndalsstova restaurant and the Kjenndalsbreen glacier at the head of the valley. Standing at the end of the valley and looking up it almost feels like a dream. But take it all in, it’s no dream! Lodalen is picture-perfect. Let’s take care of this vulnerable valley together.


Kano i Lodalen

Olden og Oldedalen Valley


Olden is a beautiful little village in Stryn municipality. It has a lovely location beside the Oldenelva river, which runs into the Nordfjord. Olden is a ten-minute drive from the centre of Stryn and there are lots of accommodation options in and around the village, whether you want to stay at a campsite, cabin or hotel. Charming Olden Fjordhotel is one of the hotels situated in the centre of Olden.


If you’d like to do a little shopping, we recommend the brands Skogstad and Ricco Vero, which were established in Stryn municipality. These brands have shops in the centre of Olden, and you’ll also find grocery stores and several pleasant cafés.


Olden is the gateway to beautiful scenery and some of the best experiences Norway has to offer. You can join Briksdal Adventure at the quay in Olden, and take part in a range of activities. Go on a RIB boat trip on the Nordfjord if you’re looking for some action. The beautiful scenery in and around Olden make it a very popular destination for tourists from across the world. More than 100 cruise ships visited Olden in 2019 for example.


The beautiful Oldedalen valley is near Olden. This valley is the most perfect valley in Norway for walking, with countless walks and hikes for children and adults alike. The magnificent Briksdalsbreen glacier is situated innermost in Oldedalen valley. This glacier arm of the Jostedalsbreen glacier attracts tourists from all corners of the globe.



Olden sentrum i Stryn


Klovane i Oldedalen © Ruben Soltvedt

Activities in Stryn


Hydlaparken i Stryn


Climbing for everyone

Climbing is becoming more and more popular in Nordfjord, and with good reason. There are climbing trails for adults and children alike, and for both experienced and inexperienced climbers. 


Beachen in Stryn is referred to as one of Norway’s best climbing areas. There are long, steep, short and less advanced routes, with something for all tastes. 


In Hydlaparken, you can have fun on the climbing trails between the tree-tops and scream your way down zip-lines, challenge yourself on the pump track or simply relax with a cup of coffee.


Via Ferrata Loen climbing route takes you to the top of Mount Hoven (1,011 metres above sea level). You’ll find Loen Skylift at the top, which transports you back down to the fjord in a mere five minutes.


Accommodation in Stryn


Food and drinks in Stryn