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Cookies and Privacy


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enshrined in European law in 2018, and this means that new rules for privacy applies.
The new regulations give businesses such as Visit Nordfjord AS new duties and Visit Nordfjord AS 's customers/guests/bookers new rights.

GDPR/Privacy for:

Visit Nordfjord AS     
Perhusvegen 24, 6783 Stryn, Norway
Organization Number: 968 397 478

New regulations came into force in May 2018 and Visit Nordfjord AS follows these new EU-based regulations. Visit Nordfjord AS has internal control procedures for the processing of personal information and other information that Visit Nordfjord AS receives from bookings. Personal information will not be sold or otherwise distributed to anyone other than those who need such information in order to implement the agreement/order including additional services.

The booker/guest/recipient of news e-mails, recipient of text messages and other market activity, will at any time be able to request the deletion of all information that is saved and which Visit Nordfjord AS is not obliged to retain under any other law or regulation.
The booker/guest will, unless the data has been required to be deleted, receive a newsletter from Visit Nordfjord AS or from one of the marketing names, and recipients may upon receipt of this immediately request that all information that Visit Nordfjord AS has saved shall be deleted at no charge.

By ordering accommodation, purchase of tickets or similar, this is considered as entering into an agreement with Visit Nordfjord AS and Visit Nordfjord AS is then required to register personal information. The booker agrees, at the time of the order, that Visit Nordfjord AS as Personal Data Manager, can use the information provided to implement Visit Nordfjord AS ‘s obligations in relation to the booker. If required, it may be necessary to transmit the information to partners in order to provide information, offers and services around the booker’s booking via e-mail, telephone, SMS and e-mail mailings. 

Everyone who receives e-mails or is or has been a customer of Visit Nordfjord AS or has subscribed to a newsletter/e-mail and has in connection with the order/newsletter/e-mail given their e-mail address and telephone number. It is hereby notified that Visit Nordfjord AS will send relevant information to the booker. The booker will be able to obtain information about a service that the booker did not know about, but the information should enable the booker to get better experiences in and around Visit Nordfjord AS.
Sending e-mail/text messages only involves the use of e-mail and/or telephone number, not any other personal information. It will be apparent from the e-mail where we have got the e-mail address from and that it is not used for purposes other than e-mailings. The content of the e-mail explains how the recipient can easily state that he/she does not wish to receive e-mails anymore and the booker can also request that all information about the booker that is registered shall be deleted.

Visit Nordfjord AS processes personal information to bookers, users and customers using Visit Nordfjord AS services. Visit Nordfjord AS takes care of the person's/guest's personal information and complies with applicable laws at all times to protect the recipient as a person. 

Visit Nordfjord AS acts as the data controller of personal information in connection with the services and in connection with bookings/reservations.  Personal information means all information directly or indirectly linked to a living person.

Visit Nordfjord AS’s goal is to maintain a high level of protection for personal information. Visit Nordfjord AS primarily uses personal information to manage, operate, develop and maintain benefits, process reservations, optimize the user experience in terms of benefits and adapt our communication with the recipient/booker/guest. Visit Nordfjord AS exclusively collects the personal data that is relevant for the purpose for which the customer has ordered. The information collected includes, for example, information about the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, login information, language, user history, travel information, reservation preferences, payments, position, contact person in case of emergency, particular allergens, disability and other information the guests/applicants have provided in connection with the use of our services. 


We use cookies. These are data packets that are stored on your device. Our cookies are used to customize the web pages for your use and your settings, as well as to conduct anonymous surveys of user behavior on the web pages and record the number of visitors. Cookies can also be used for user-oriented marketing in accordance with applicable law.

We use the following cookies

Session-dependent cookies are used to detect that a user is on our website, and what choices the user makes.

We use fixed cookies to avoid changing any fixed settings every time you visit our site (such as language). Most regular cookies have an expiration date, and will be automatically deleted after a given period. We use third party cookies to collect general statistics about visits to our web pages (such as Google Analytics). You can choose to reject cookies in your browser. Through a feature in your browser, you can also choose if and when to delete cookies.

If you have questions or comments on how we process your personal information, please contact us at booking@nordfjord.no

The purpose of the processing of personal data is to fulfill contractual obligations and also offer a more flexible and individualized service and product. In making a reservation, Visit Nordfjord AS uses personal information to:

1.    Manage, provide, develop and maintain services.

2.    Process orders and service requests.

3.    Contact the guests, for example by SMS, other mobile application or e-mail, or notify guests about reservation status or anything else in connection with the reservation before, during and after their stay.

4.    Individualize our communication with the guests regarding the services, e.g. by creating a profile for you and sending you offers that match your profile as a user of our services.

5.    Analyze statistics and user behavior in relation to our services.

6.    Improve bookers’/guests' advantages with our products and services in a way that Visit Nordfjord AS believes benefits the booker/guest.

7.    Promote services and products, directly or indirectly to the booker.


The booker is always entitled to request that Visit Nordfjord AS, without cost, deletes the data recorded on the guest and Visit Nordfjord AS undertakes to do so, unless other laws prevent this.
Visit Nordfjord AS uses cookies for its digital services. Further information about Visit Nordfjord AS ‘s use of cookies, what cookies are used, and how to avoid cookies can be found at www.nordfjord.no 

In cases where there is a legal requirement for consent to be obtained for processing certain types of personal information or for a particular processing, consent will be obtained from the booker prior to processing the information.

Visit Nordfjord AS can, for example, be required to disclose personal information to third parties such as the police or other public authority, if this is in connection with the investigation of a crime, or if Visit Nordfjord AS is required to disclose such information by law or by decision of a public authority.

If the booker has questions, comments or complaints about Visit Nordfjord AS processing of personal information and compliance with the terms of use, please contact:             

Visit Nordfjord AS

Perhusvegen 24, 6783 Stryn, Norway



If complainants do not accept the answers we give, we ask that complaints be addressed to the Data Protection Authority.