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Join our tourism cooperation – become a member of Visit Nordfjord

The main objectives of Visit Nordfjord AS are to increase value creation, improve profitability and generate more ripple effects. The company seeks to coordinate tourism initiatives in Nordfjord, and, through targeted measures, help to strengthen the industry and make Nordfjord a better travel destination and a great place to live. As a member of Visit Nordfjord, you will help to create a joint body for the tourism industry in Nordfjord.

Our job as a destination company is to increase value creation and employment in the industry. In other words – to help others to succeed. 

Visit Nordfjord is not just about tourists. For us the tourism industry is about creating, developing and marketing good, profitable sustainable visitor experiences for all visitors, whether you are a tourist or a local. What’s good for tourists is also good for those who live locally. 

We will help make Nordfjord a better place to live. Because a good place to live is also a good place to visit. 

It is widely known that tourism is a growth industry – in fact it is the fastest growing sector in the world.

This represents value creation and strong growth in jobs and employment. If we look at Nordfjord’s position over the last four years, there has been a steady increase in the total number of guest nights, but it is just as important to acknowledge that those involved believe in the region and that investments are being made in the business sector.

Visit Nordfjord has conducted a comprehensive branding process ‘Nordfjord – Alt i ein fjord’ (Nordfjord – Everything in one fjord) to unite Nordfjord into one tourism area, and has worked to become a more visible and attractive destination. 

We have established a new brand, visual identity and communication concept that highlights Nordfjord as a complete and compact area of Norway. A brand that clearly expresses our identity – from the wild sea along the coast, along the fjord to the spectacular glaciers. 

However, ‘a strong brand is not a goal in itself, but a means to achieve the goal’:

• Increase the volume of profitable tourists to the region throughout the year.

We regard our region as a forward-looking destination, we dare to think big and we will dare to think differently.

Nordfjord focuses on, stands united behind and continuously works on the joint host slogan ‘Everything in one fjord’. We will encourage commitment and enthusiasm, and a joint culture among tourism enterprises and the rest of the business sector. 

Overall, this means that we will create a strong and sustainable destination, where we depend on each other to succeed. 


Visit Nordfjord’s priority work areas are:

• Marketing

• Sales

• Hosting

• Follow-up of members

• Product development

• Business development

Membership benefits (sett inn oversikten som finnes i reiselivsstrategien)

As a member of the destination company, your business can become involved in developing Nordfjord. 



The registration form is available on the back of the tourism strategy. Scan it or take a photo and send it to

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