Reiser du med bil?

Are you travelling by car?


Nordfjord is situated in the north of Sogn og Fjordane county, in the heart of Fjord Norway. It’s easy to get to Nordfjord, by car, bus, boat or plane. Travelling by car gives you a lot of freedom and you are master of your own journey. Here is some practical information on roads that lead to Nordfjord, both for ordinary cars, electric cars and camper vans and caravans. 

There is free parking in all the towns in the region, apart from Måløy. 

Distance to Nordfjord from: 

  •  Oslo via Otta: approx. 500 km
  •  Oslo via Fagernes: approx. 470 km
  •  Bergen via Lavik: approx. 250 km
  •  Trondheim via Otta: approx. 450 km
  •  Ålesund: approx. 150 km

If you need help to plan your route, check out or Traffic and road information is available at This site also provides information about when roads that are closed in winter open for the season.

If you are travelling from Otta, remember that the last petrol station before you come to Stryn is in Bismo. Running out of petrol is not ideal when you’re crossing a mountain! 

Electric cars

Are you driving an electric car? provides a map and overview of charging stations for your car on the way to and in Nordfjord.

If you are driving a Tesla, you can find information at

Are you driving a camper van? 

There are many great campsites in Nordfjord, in idyllic locations between high mountains, beside the fjord, by lakes and along our beautiful coastline. We strongly recommend you use the campsites in the region rather than parking along the road. Most of the campsites have toilets, showers, washing machines and waste disposal facilities.

Here is an overview of dumping stations in Nordfjord: 

Stryn kommune: 

Stryn sentrum ved Stryn Taxi 

Lodalen på Sande camping 

Oldedalen på Gytri camping 

Oldedalen på Melkevoll Bretun 

Innvik på Viking camping 

Vågsøy kommune:



Eid kommune:

Esso i Nordfjordeid 

Gloppen kommune:

Esso i Byrkjelo 

Gloppen Camping og Fritidssenter i

Hornindal kommune:


Horndøla bru 


There is plenty of room for everyone in Norwegian nature if we all show due consideration. Remember that: 

  • Motorised traffic is not permitted in uncultivated land. 
  • When you park your car, you must ensure that you do not block anyone else in. You must ensure that the parking does not violate traffic rules or local restrictions. 
  • Camping is not permitted at picnic areas along the road. They are only to be used for short stays. 
  • You must tidy up after you have taken a break. Deposit your waste in the nearest waste container – do not bury it or hide it under a stone. Always leave places as you would wish to find them.
  • Disposable barbecues must be placed in the nearest waste skip. Do not leave a disposable barbecue on grass or a dry surface. Be extra careful when it’s very dry. 
  • Do not park near houses or cabins to prevent disturbing others. Do not camp less than 150 metres from houses or cabins. If you camp any closer, you must have the owner’s permission. This also applies if you spend more than two days in the same place.
  • Do not throw waste in the sea.