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Skåla is regarded as Norway's highest mountain peak, which has its foot in the sea. The mountain is 1848 meters above sea level and has been a popular mountain destination for all years.

In 1891 it was built around a tower with 22 beds. The originator was Hans Henrik Gerhard Kloumann, doctor of education, with recreation for body and soul as the basis for the construction work.

The Skålatårnet is a self-catering DNT cabin, and is perhaps Norway's, or worth the most special tourist cabin. In October 2016, the new tourist cabin Skålabu was also completed. It is Bergen and Hordaland Turlag (DNT) together with architect Eilif Bjørge and builder Bjørn Vike who have been responsible for the construction of this. Both cabins are today run by Bergen Turlag. On the old paved stiane and stone steps there is a cultural experience to wander here, with fantastic fjord nature on all sides. The usual turn-around time is calculated to five hours up and three hours down.