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The most spectacular valley for walks in Norway

Oldevatnet robåt


A deep valley surrounded by magical mountains


The blue-green Oldevatnet lake, formed by the melting glacier, is situated in Oldedalen valley. While each season has its own charm in the Oldedalen valley, the wild nature and fantastic fauna are a constant feature. Be it sheep grazing, or cascading waterfalls, or the mist settling like a veil over the changing colours of the lake, there’s always something new to experience in the most magical valley in Norway. You’ll be hard pressed to experience this valley without it making an indelible impression.


Oldedalen is part of Nordfjord, south of Olden in Stryn municipality. The valley is surrounded by Jostedalsbreen National Park. The Briksdalsbreen, Melkevollsbreen and Brenndalsbreen glaciers creep down into the valley, between the tall mountains and the deep valleys. Oldevatnet lake and Oldenelva river, which runs through the valley and out into the Nordfjord, are major features of the valley. This is where Olden mineral water is bottled from a source in the Blåfjell mountains. Driving through Oldedalen valley is an adventure in itself.

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Briksdalen valley and Briksdalsbreen glacier


At the end of Oldedalen valley the Briksdalsbreen glacier extends out of Jostedalsbreen National Park and into the lush and narrow Briksdalen valley. This magnificent sight has drawn visitors from around the world year after year. This arm of the glacier plunges 1,200 metres straight down, and it is difficult to take in the magnitude of what you don’t see; the rest of the glacier far above. In the Briksdalen valley, overnight accommodation is available in mountain lodges, apartments or cabins. There are waymarked trails all the way up to the glacier, where you can see for yourself how the glacier has formed the valley over thousands of years.


Oldedalen Vandring



Oldedalen is the best valley in Norway for walks and hikes, with options for those with the shortest legs to the fittest among us.

Remember the Mountain Code. Even people with a lot of experience have a healthy respect for the mood in the mountains and take precautions.

Briksdal Adventure offers guided walks to most mountains and summer pasture farms. Contact them to find out more and for an experience out of the ordinary.

Walks for the whole family 


Going for walks in the wilds of nature is not for everyone. There are however many walking trails in the Oldedalen valley that are adapted for families and people who enjoy walks that don't involve learning any new skills. 


Up on the summits! 


If you are confident walking in the mountains and terrain, we recommend picking one of the more demanding mountain hikes in the Oldedalen valley. You'll have to take the elements into consideration, but the rewards are huge and you’ll gain an experience for life.





The Oldedalen valley never stops giving. Not even to those who want to experience more than ‘just a mountain hike’. If you want to make your visit extra special, for example by kayaking on the Oldevatnet lake, bouldering among large boulders or doing yoga in a historical setting, the Oldedalen valley offers more than your time will allow. It’s simply a matter of picking and choosing.




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Between idyllic waterfalls, glaciers and high mountains, visitors can go to bed at night and wake up in the most beautiful scenery around. There are many different accommodation options in the Oldedalen valley suitable for families. Staying at one of Oldedalen’s many unique accommodation providers will really add to your visit.


Local food

Enjoy meals in a historical setting, made from local ingredients and in a social atmosphere. There’s nothing ordinary about eating a waffle beside Oldevatnet lake.