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Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre

Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre, Stryn, Nordfjord. Learn about the biggest glacier on the European mainland.

Beautifully situated at Stryn lake in Oppstryn
- Visitor center exhibiting the natural and cultural history of the local area
- Entrance to the center includes a short film about the Jostedalsbreen glacier. 9 languages. Reservation language.
- Botanical garden featuring local flora of the forests, wetlands, alpine region and the cultural landscape
- Geological park featuring 26 rock types of the region of Sogn og Fjordane
- Information about glacier- and mountain hikes and local nature- and cultural paths.
- Giftshop with a wide variety of traditional souvenirs, items of Norwegian design and locally made jewelery from Norwegian rocks
- Café offering coffee and tea, refreshments, baked goods and sweet treats.
- Dining room for 115 people with a panoramic view over the lake of Oppstryn surrounded by majestic mountains