CBIS 6597143


Hornindalsvatnet er den djupaste innsjøen i Europa, 514 meter. Ingen av breelvane munnar ut i vatnet og dette gjer det til Nordens klaraste innsjø. Er du heldig kan du kanskje oppleve sjøormen "Horny" i Hornindalsvatnet, for det er visst ikkje alle som får sjå han. Han ser seg folk føre og ein må også vere i ei spesiell sinnsstemning for å få denne opplevinga.

It has long been known that Hornindalsvatnet lake is the deepest lake in Europe at 514 metres. However, I wasn’t aware that it is also the clearest lake in the Nordic countries. That made me want to check this out for myself. I dived into the clear water at the first available opportunity. Luckily I didn’t see hide nor hair of the sea serpent ‘Horny’. They say you must be in the right state of mind to see him. I can’t say that I was in the right mood after a dip in the cold lake... If diving into the lake doesn’t appeal, you can go kayaking on the lake instead. Maybe you can try to paddle over the area where the lake is at its very deepest. You can also hold your own little competition where you find a flat stone and skim it across the water to see how many times you get it to bounce across the surface. This is more fun if you’re together with others".

Fred Syversen