Travel to Nordfjord



Nordfjord is situated between the largest mainland glacier in Europe and Norway’s wildest coast at the western cape, with spectacular mountains and valleys, rolling farmland and a dramatic coast line. Here, you are never far away from great, accessible travel experiences. Nordfjord is Norway at its highest, wildest, deepest and most enjoyable. All in one fjord.

Nordfjord lie north in Sogn og Fjordane County, and in the heart of Fjord Norway. Nordfjord is easy to visit whether you arrive by car, bus, boat or by plane.


Distances to Nordfjord from:

Oslo via Otta: 500 km

Oslo via Fagernes: 470 km

Bergen via Lavik: 250 km

Trondheim via Otta: 450 km

Ålesund: 150 km

Stavanger: 500 km 

Kristiansand: 695 km

Lofoten: 1285 km

Tromsø: 1810 km