Kråkenes Lighthouse

"It was really great to go out to Kråkenes Lighthouse right out at the ocean’s edge. It’s easy to imagine how wonderful it would be to spend the night out here and watch the sun set and rise, whether the sky is clear or the elements are at their wildest! Every newly-married couple should visit the bridal suite on the top floor of the main building and check it off their wedding list! The road takes you right to the front door, so neither husband nor wife need worry that their marriage will get off to a heavy start – quite the reverse, here you can order a massage and simply relax and enjoy the experience".

Fred Syversen


The lighthouse Kråkenes Fyr is located in the community Vågsøy between Ålesund and Bergen and invites you to an overnight stay right by the wild atlantic ocean. You can stay several nights at one of the most weather-beaten places in the whole of Norway, taste the salt in the air and feel the waves in the whole body.
Are you lucky you will experience both the sunrise behind Stadtlandet and the sunset in the ocean.
Ideal for strong experiences of pure nature and deep recreation.
You can also book a SlowTur package with relaxation massage and guidet tour in the beautiful surroundings.
It is possible to drive all the way up to the lighthouse.