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Guided tour to the rock carvings in Vingen

Deep in Vingenpollen, a narrow fjord surrounded by steep mountans, is Vingen, one of Northern Europe´s largest and most distinctive rock-carving sites. More than 2200 carvings have been discovered here, probably created by neolithic huntsmen (approw. 6000 years ago). The deer is the most popular motiv, but there are also human gures and abstract symbols.

The guide will take you for a walk in Vingen while telling thrilling stories from when the carvings were made.

Vingen is a protected area and access is restricted: 2 persons pr. guide, max 20 persons totally.

Tours are subjected to weather conditions.

Activity level: Easy walk in rough terrain
Season: 12. june to 21. august 2020

Take contact with the touristinformation in Kalvåg, e-mail: [email protected] or call +47 48 14 04 88