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Farm | Hakallegarden

At Hakallegarden you can meet kittens, horses, alpacas and many other nice animals.

Open visitor farm, with café serving homemade food and an art gallery in a converted barn. Farm shop sells garments made from alpaca wool, and other items from ethnic suppliers.

Hakallegarden wish to welcome small and big to the farm this summer. The horses,alpacas and donkeys wanders around the courtyard looking forward to your visit. The horse Lilja has received her second youth after she once again got to use her wagon. You can ride on horses, cuddle with cats, pigs, rabbits and chickens and drive "gråtass" a popular norwegian tractor. In the barn you can get newly made sveler and other treats. So take a trip to the farm, lower your shoulders and enjoy your day on Hakallestranda!

In the visitor's yard, you can sense the life in the countryside, and year round big and small can make the weekend trip to the beautiful Hakallestranda. Here you can get better acquainted with the four-legged, take a bite to eat in the cozy café, buy uniqe interiors and silky soft alpaca socks.
On warm summer days the trip is short between Hakallegarden and the inviting elongated sandy beach on Sandviksanden. Here, the summer evening is completely filled with the sunset in the sea gap. Hakallegarden also accepts companies and groups of all ages outside normal business hours