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Skongenes Lighthouse

See the light. Stick to the narrow path and soon you will see the light.

A salty hike? You won’t be too shocked to find out that the Skongenes lighthouse is, yes, situated by the sea. The trip to this self-service DNT (the Norwegian Trekking Association) cabin goes beyond a headland on the island of Vågsøy, not far from the swimming beach Refviksanden. This is a short hike, perfect for families with children, full of sights, sounds and experiences that you certainly won’t find on mountain hikes - the sound of gulls, a cave with remnants from the stone age, flowers that are only found along the coast. When you get there, you can just sit in silence for a while and count the waves.

The walk to Skongenes Lighthouse is one of the Fjord Trails - 20 unforgettable hikes in Nordfjord www.nordfjord.no/fjordtrails