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Nordfjord Hotell

Nordfjord Hotell has 54 well-equipped guest rooms with 110 beds. The hotel has a restaurant with a good kitchen, bar, modern meeting room department for up to 250 people and a new bathhouse with SPA and fitness center. The hotel has a lift.

The hotel is central located in Nordfjord which makes it a popular meeting place for business traffic and a natural meeting place for courses and meetings. The hotel is a good starting point for trips in the district. The tourists can bring along the Norwegian Bremuseum in Fjærland, Astruptunet in Jølster, Folkemuseet at Sandane, Briksdalsbreen, Singerheimen, Jostedalsbreen National Park Center, Geiranger, Vestkapp and Selje on the trip between Bergen and Ålesund.