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9 lives - Kattanakken (the cat’s neck) - where no-one thought it possible to hike. How wrong could they be! 

When the weather is fine here, it’s showtime! From the top of Kattanakken you will see Briksdal Glacier in all its glory far down below, surrounded by rugged mountains and cascading waterfalls. Your admission ticket to this show is your own exertion - a solid but feasible workout up steep terrain and then some scrambling as you approach the final ridge. From some angles this hardly looks possible, but don’t listen to what they say about curiosity killing the cat, as scaling this cat’s neck is very achievable. 

Start from the parking place in Briksdal and follow the road/path that leads up to Briksdal Glacier. Right before the second bridge, you leave the road and follow the trail that leads through the forest along the river. After a while it turns south and then west, and you climb the hill until you reach the ridge at appr. 700 m. From there you follow the ridge to the summit. Some sections are exposed.