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Gloppen Hotell

Gloppen hotel is a Swiss-style hotel dating back to 1866. The hotel has a restaurant and bar, and is located in the center of Sandane. Gloppen hotel is known for high quality food, through local food and its own kitchen: Gloppen food. Gloppen Hotel is also one of four companies in the region that participates in Norwegian Foodprints, Innovation Norways, ranking of the best places to eat.

At Gloppen hotel you will find a activities for everyone, always in combination with the unique local cuisine. The beautiful varied nature with the fjord as a backdrop, creates the perfect setting. The hotel is also located in close to other popular landmarks.

A conference stay at Gloppen Hotell is perfect. With their homemade atmosphere and herelic local food, you have the perfect frame for bright ideas and new inspiration. The hotel also offers premade conference packages, with focus on team building or local food.