Ferry and Cruise


The roads in Nordfjord are some times interrupted by fjords - and ferry trips. A relaxing break from driving or a bit of an interruption, depending on your point of view. Some of the ferries serve meals on board and can offer a lovely view of the fjords. You do not have to book ferries in advance. Just queue up in in the lanes at the ferry dock, and wait for the ferry to arrive. The crew will approach your vehicle to charge payment. There are three ferry-trips in Nordfjord: Lote-Anda, Stårheim-Isane and Måløy-Oldeide. 

Many of the roads have good views, and there is little traffic compared with many other places. There are many excellent day trip options in Nordfjord, or using Nordfjord as a base. 


«You are guaranteed great ferry experiences on the Nordfjord. Ferries and the traditional pancakes served on board encompass the culture, history and traditions of Western Norway. Taking a ferry is an experience and a meeting place, while you sail through the fantastic landscape. We Norwegians have always been a seafaring people, but even today people still depend on car ferries in Western Norway, where the fjords cut swathes into the landscape and make travel impossible, or at least difficult. Traditional pancakes are part and parcel of ferry trips, and are the highlight of the trip for many. These pancakes are served with buttercream or brown cheese, and are the main reason many people look forward to taking the ferry". 

– Fred Syvertsen



Many of our guests igets to Nordfjord by cruise. We have two major cruise destinations in the Nordfjord region, Olden / Loen and Nordfjordeid. The first is among the 10 most visited cruise ports in Norway. Cruise ships are also welcome in Måløy, Selje and Sandane. All cruise destinations in Nordfjord offer a range of exciting excursions to attractions and activities around the region.