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Alpine ski touring in Nordfjord | Breogfjell

Ski mountaineering among glaciers, mountains and fjords in the Nordfjord region, with qualified mountain guides from Breogfjell Mountain Guides. The mountains in Stryn, Loen and Olden offer summits with over 1500-meter hight meters, overlooking the world!

In Stryn, it is possible to ski almost all year. This village has long been known for its summer ski on Tystigen Glacier, where ski and snowboard enthusiasts has been gathering since 1972. Breogfjell offers guided skiing in the mountains around the summer ski centre all winter and the first half of summer. Throughout the winter, Breogfjell offer guided ski tours throughout Nordfjord with qualified and experienced local guides. Among several famous mountains for skiers we can mention Mt. Kyrkjenibba 1400 m., Mt. Skåla 1848 m., Mt. Midstolshyrna 1771 m. and not least Mt. Rinddalshyrna 1677 m. Close by Stryn Village Centre is a ski center with freeriding opportunities most only dream about.

For both beginners and pros!
For guides in Breogfjell it is important that you and your friends, family or colleagues get good experiences in the mountains. "Tour by ability" is a term we've used in Norwegian outdoor life for years, and is central in our planning. Breogfjell customize tours to your desires and skills, as well as the mountain's premises such as weather, snow conditions, avalanche danger and much more.

At Breogfjell it is possible to rent equipment that you are missing. Visit our website to find more information on the equipment required for the various tours.

Prices from NOK 1350 per participant. Of quality and safety considerations, Breogfjell operate with maximum six participants per guide on alpine skiing. Contact Breogfjell for a request.