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Start from parking at the ski center and follow the path to the mark "Fløtravarden" by Fellastøylen. Follow the marked trail to Fløtravarden where you can enjoy the view in all directions - magnificent view over the Nordfjord. From the top you walk about 400 m to the west and find the path that goes south east and ends at Stølsvegen just by Øvresetstøylen - a beautiful stølstun!

The trip is easy, and suitable for kids and adults.
The old farm is approx. 720 masl and has a view towards Våtedalen, Breim and down towards Sandane.
One can cycle or walk on the road that goes from the parking lot at Mt. Utvik. On the way out you pass several other stables.

The trip takes about 1.5 hours round trip, and is about 3.2 km long.