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Fishing | Loenelva

Like a beautiful piece of jewelry, the river in Loen flows three kilometers from Lovatnet and down to the fjord. The river is a classic western river with a fast section with some quieter hills. The river has a fantastic location between narrow mountains in a lush valley.

The river Loenelva gets it’s water from the glacier in the mountains around the lake Lovatnet. The water usually has a greenish color with little or no transparency. The salmon treat the river early in the summer, the warmer days until earlier the salmon come. On hot summer days, fresh salmon can be observed in the hills as early as mid-May. This early migrating salmon is relatively coarse, with an average weight of 8-10 kilos, and with some specimens of 15-18 kilos.
The river's variety invites a varied fishery for a taste. Here, every fishing enthusiast finds their favorite shoals, whether one is fly fishing, spawning or spin fishing.