CBIS 6310227
CBIS 6310226

Street Art Måløy

"Wow, tagging has taken on a whole new dimension in the fishing town of Måløy. On one of the tall buildings on the town square, you can see the traditional fisherman in his yellow sou’wester with a high bling factor. Street artists have really gone to town, decorating the grey buildings with lots of colour. Very cool". - Fred Syversen

The "Goldfisher"'s motive has gained inspiration from our coastal culture. The gold chain symbolizes the "mafia business" that probably has been happening here through the decades, but also that the fishing business is lucrative and forward-looking. This motive was the first in the series of what hopefully can evolve into a major, national street art project.

The strings of the "crab" are colored with one for each of the colors of the rainbow. This symbolizes, as known, solidarity, freedom and diversity. The Chilean artist M.U.M always has an element of the rainbow in his art, and that all the works in one way or another show animals or fantasy figures in nature. The symbolism goes on like a red line and says something about human beings must take care of each other and nature through respect and love.