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Skongenes Lighthouse

Skongenes Lighthouse is located in Vågsøy at the Northwest coast. Here you can experience unique and powerful nature. Stay the night in the lighthouse guard's house, enjoy the warm yard and experience an eldorado of cliffs, paths and exciting places to discover.

Skongenes Lighthouse has 3 floors with livingroom, kitchen, toilet, small bathroom and 4 bedrooms with a total of 18 beds. There is hot and cold water. The house is fully equipped. NB! Must have DNT key. Contact Britt Småvik in Ytre Nordfjord Turlag, mobile: +47 93 85 43 98

About 1 hour to walk from the main road and out to the lighthouse in a light hiking area. From the parking lot, the separate party to the auto-guard shows the tour starts. Continue on a private gravel road, after a narrower trail path. The path follows the streamline outward and is well marked.

Bring your own bed sheets, bedding sets, towels, food and good clothes. The wind can be strong and the weather changes rapidly here in the ocean gap. All year it is recommended to pack rainwear, woolen underwear and good shoes.