Ski & Sail 2020 | Explore North 62

The Sunnmore alps is famous for its untouched powder snow mountains and peaks. There are great numbers of natural pistes, offering possibilities and options for a wide range of skiers. Many of the most spectacular places are available only by boat, and that’s why we sail.

This trip is availible from next year (2020)

Tuesday : Welcome to SY Westland

You may see the program as a plan that we adjust according to weather and conditions. If we are in a place without snow, we just sail to where there is more snow! With the sailboat we are flexible so we can find the best snow. Onboard we have with us a dinghy for trips ashore, we have fishing gear for the cod, and we have what we need to make a bonfire and have fun ashore.

Wednesday : Mountain Kviteggja

Our guide will introduce himself, talk about logistics and set our schedule for the week. A great thing with starting your trip here on a tuesday is that the weekend is over, so we have the Sunnmore alps to ourselves!

You will start your first morning with a short training with beacons and try out the rest of the avalanche equipment. Possible destinations for the first day might include Blæja or Kvitegga

Thursday : Mountain Dukhornet

Day 2 is often the day where our bodies feel the most sore. This and the weather will steer our the decision for today´s summit. Possible destinations: Risenosa, Dukhornet or maybe Hornindalsrokken

Friday : Mountain Slogen

Slogen is one the best known and most prominent mountain in Sunnmøre. Few know about it as a ski touring destination, as it’s often regarded as too steep and remote. You’ll get a chance to explore one of the finest route to Slogen, via Langesæterdalen from Urke. From the base of Slogen, you’ll more or less follow the summer route up. This section of the tour is steep and exposed so it’s not unusual to strap the skis on backpacks and finish the climb boot packing.

Saturday : Mountain Kolaastinden

Your guide will keep hunting for the best snow and show some of the most spectacular runs in the region. For the more adventurous, you might choose to make an attempt at Kolåstinden, where we have to use ice axes and crampons to reach the summit.

Sunday : Mountain Store Brækketind

It’s not over until it’s over!

We are surrounded by 1,500 meter high peaks giving us many options to choose from. A cool finish to the week can be to climb Store Brekketind, a classic summit where you have to cross a glacier to get all the way up to the top.

Our last day is quite busy as we also have to ski back to our cars and drive back to the airport.