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Selja Monastery

The monastery boat takes you to Selja, where you can experience and immerse yourself in the exciting history of St. Sunniva. Join us on a journey back in time.

Dramatic cliffs, white sandy beaches and idyllic villages are some of the things you will see on this boattrip. The boat has seating areas inside, behind the deck and on the flybridge. There are also two toilets. "Selja" will bring you to the fabled island of Selja and Selja Monastery.

People have traveled here for over 1000 years, to experience Norway's first pilgrimage place, with unique cultural heritage from the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. On the island of Selja, 15 min. from Selje, lie the ruins of Selja monastery, perhaps the oldest monastery in Norway. The monastery was built by Benedictine monks in the early 1100s, in memory of St. Sunniva.

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