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Roundtrip Stryn - Hellesylt - Stryn | Travel Like the Locals

Stryn - Hellesylt - Stryn.

This bus ride takes you from Stryn to Hellesylt by the Geirangerfjord. After about 20 minutes, the bus drives past Hornindalsvatnet. This lake is known for being the deepest in Northern Europe (514m), and history has been told all over the years about what creatures that exists in the depth. Maybe you are lucky and can see a seamonster when you drive past?

When you arrive at Hellesylt, you have many opportunities to fill your day with exciting activities. A small walk from the bus station you will find Hellesyltfossen waterfall. It is a mighty waterfall and is one of the most photographed motivs in the area. It’s an impressive sight early in the summer when all the snow melts.

If you continue the walk, you will find the Per Gynt Museum. The main purpose of the gallery is to present the artist and woodcarver Oddvin Parr (1933 - 2010) their huge wooden art goes from floor to ceiling. All the motives is from the Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen's work "Peer Gynt".

If you take one of the early buses from Stryn to Hellesylt, you can take the ferry over to Geiranger. Geirangerfjord is a 15 km long arm of Storfjorden and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fjord is one of Norway's most popular attractions, and gives you a spectacular presentation of Norway's most famous character. Remember to buy a return ticket, and in time the bus leaves Hellesylt back to Stryn.

You can click here to purchase the ferry ticket. This should be done in advance.

When you are back in Stryn, full of new experiences and impressions, sit down at a cafe and enjoy a good meal while you watch your new photoes and the bustling life in the streets.

Departure from: Stryn busstation

About our trips
This is a “Travel like the locals” tour. The tours use public transport, i.e. regular buses, ferries and boats, but we have done the planning for you so that you can concentrate on enjoying your trip. You travel on your own - there is no guide or tour leader. On most of our tours you must change several times between different buses/ferries/boats, and it is up to you to make sure you catch your connections – truly travelling like a local! (The tours are set up so that the buses, ferries and boats connect.)

Trips are not available for booking on public holidays and during holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas due to deviations in the timetables. The timetable shown is valid for the periods when the trip is bookable.