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Roundtrip Sandane - Stryn - Sandane | Travel Like the Locals

Sandane - Byrkjelo - Stryn - Byrkjelo - Sandane.

This trip takes you from Sandane via Byrkjelo to Loen. The bus ride itself is an experience and you get to see most of the nature Nordfjord has to offer. Forest, fjord and mountains are some of the high points and all of this you will see from the bus window.

In the summer, the streets of Stryn are full of people from all over the world. Therefore, it is nice to sit down at a cafe, like the local cafeteria or pub, buy a good meal and look at people walking in the streets.

 If you need to do some shopping, Stryn is the right place. You can find everything from souvenirs to local clothing brands such as Ricco Vero and Skogstad. Stryn is not a big town, so everything is in walking distance.

If you want to stretch your legs a bit after the bus trip, we can recommend to walk over the old bridge towards Årheim. The bridge was completed in 1860, and before you cross the bridge you can find a amall exhibition of how Stryn looked like over 100 years ago.

On the bus on the way to Sandane, the bus stops at Byrkjelo. There you have just enough time to stop by Baker Jon. They sell freshly baked bread and bake goods, and the store is full of local goods.

Departure from: Sandane bus station

About our trips
This is a “Travel like the locals” tour. The tours use public transport, i.e. regular buses, ferries and boats, but we have done the planning for you so that you can concentrate on enjoying your trip. You travel on your own - there is no guide or tour leader. On most of our tours you must change several times between different buses/ferries/boats, and it is up to you to make sure you catch your connections – truly travelling like a local! (The tours are set up so that the buses, ferries and boats connect.)

Trips are not available for booking on public holidays and during holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas due to deviations in the timetables. The timetable shown is valid for the periods when the trip is bookable.