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Roundtrip in Nordfjord | Travel like the Locals

Stryn - Nordfjordeid - Sandane - Byrkjelo - Stryn

This round trip from Stryn takes you to Nordfjordeid, Sandane and Byrkjelo.

Nordfjordeid is located in the middle of Nordfjord and is known for its opera, fjord horse, shopping and beautiful hikes. Walk down the street in lined streets, sit down at a cafe and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Or maybe you would rather experience Nordfjordeid on the back of a fjord horse? Fjord horse, or Fjording, is a Norwegian horse breed with strong roots to Nordfjord. It is recognized as one of the oldest horse race in the world, and was often used by Viking kings.

Next stop is Sandane. If you want more activity, this is the right place. The terrain in Nordfjord is created for trail cycling, and at Sandane you can rent a guide that shows the best spots, the secret paths and the great nature around. This is an activity that can be done regardless of level and you can rent a bike there.

Trivselsskogen has been a major commitment in recent years, and is a good tip if you want to do a hike. Trivselsskogen has a unique and adapted stone network, where you can choose tours that suits you. It is easy to find, and you can walk there from downtown Sandane. A tour of the forest takes about one hour and it is easy to get around. Bring your loved ones to the love forest and dream away in Norwegian nature.

On the bus on the way to Sandane, the bus stops at Byrkjelo. There you have just enough time to stop by Baker Jon. They sell freshly baked bread and bake goods, and the store is full of local produce.

Well back in Stryn, full of new experiences and impressions, sit down at a cafe and enjoy a good meal while watching your new pictures and the bustling life in the streets.

Departure from: Stryn Bus station

About our trips
This is a “Travel like the locals” tour. The tours use public transport, i.e. regular buses, ferries and boats, but we have done the planning for you so that you can concentrate on enjoying your trip. You travel on your own - there is no guide or tour leader