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Nordfjord is a paradise for families with children

Nordfjord is made for fun, games, challenges, achieving a sense of mastery, joy and enthusiasm – for the whole family. That is why Nordfjord is often referred to as the ultimate destination for families. Two, three and four generations of families flock here, precisely because there’s something for everyone.


Great holiday experiences


Nordfjord offers great holiday experiences whichever road you take. Some of them are high up in the mountains, in an exciting valley or beside tranquil lakes, while other experiences await beside a river, the fjord or the sea. We also have old wooden hotels that are said to have friendly ghosts, lovely shopping centres with shops for the whole family, outlets and places with unique small shops. And above all: thousands of activities. You’ll quickly find that the days fly past and that the holiday will be over all too soon. But we have a solution to that too: Visit us again – as soon as you can. Because we have so much more to offer.


Foto: © Emma Midthjell Solibakke

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Foto: © Emma Midthjell Solibakke

Experiences with animals


Experiences for the whole family


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