CBIS 6599755

Headlamp Hike to Holvikfossen

The water in Holvikfossen waterfall drops 80 meters straight down greeting hikers with a roar as they walk these sustainable Sherpa trails through a forest only lit up by the light cones of headlamps.

What’s so extraordinary with this trip, is that it takes you from the town of Sandane by the fjord, and up in the mountains in no time at all. We quickly leave town and enter the forest, and just as quickly we’re in need of our headlamps. Hiking in the dark gives us the impression of being completely alone. At the top of Holvikfossen we can see the dark silhouettes of the mountains surrounding the fjord. We carefully step onto the viewing platform stretching several meters out in the open air just next to this impressive waterfall. On our way back down, we have a break to make a campfire, roast some hot dogs, and enjoy the atmosphere only a campfire and some good stories can create in the dark season.

When: November 1st – February 28th­, every day at 5pm – 9pm
Meeting point; The cairn outside Sørstrandsvegen 6, Sandane
Duration and distance: 4 hours, 4,5km, 400 vertical meters
Minimum: 2 persons
Price: 900 NOK
Age: Minimum of 10 years


You Fix
Clothes suitable for physical activity for the current weather and temperature.
Insulating mid-layer (to put on during breaks)
Small backpack (10-20 L)
Waterproof hiking boots
Water bottle