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Guided trip to Hornelen | Knutholmen

"Hornelen" is known to be Europe´s highest sea cliff. The trail up can be demanding and steep, but in return you can enjoy a fantasic view along the way. At the top (860 m.a.s) you get a full overview of narrow fjords, small islands and high mountains.

In the old days they called Hornelen "Smalsarhorn". There are many storys attached to this mountain, and according to some of these, witches used to rest there on their way to and from Bloksberg. Its said that King Olav Tryggvason climbed the steep rock wall in his time, but ordinary mortals take a longer and safer turn to get up. At the top it is said that there are many petrified trolls, and remember - if you meet a witch, give her a cookie.

The trip takes about 8 hours. Minimum 2 people. The tour includes all transport.

Season: May to September