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Gåsemyr Camping

Gåsemyr Camping is a quiet and relaxing campsite in the Gloppen municipality in the southern end of Bergheimsvatnet. At the campsite there is space for caravans and tents.

The campsite has cabins with TV and some equipment. Great sanitary facilities, good fishing opportunities, and boat rental on Bergheimsvatnet.

It is possible for short and long mountain walks around the area
Nice opportunities for hiking in the mountains, with peaks of 1400 - 1500 meters.
One can drive up in Øvredalen 550 meters above sea level, where one can walk inland in the valley or to Eggenipa 1338m.

At the campsite lies Bergheimsvatnet with good fishing opportunities.
Fishing license can be purchased at the campsite.

Nice day trips by car to Fjærland, with bremuseum and bokby or to Briksdal in Oldedalen where one can see the glacier.
It is also not far to drive to Måløy and Stadlandet where you have Refviksanden, Vestkapp and Hoddevik.