CBIS 6678015

Fonnafly | Glacier and Geiranger

This 60 minute tour takes you from the Nordfjord-area and up to the Geiranger fjord.

We will start by taking off from Stryn heliport, fly into the Olden valley towards the Briksdal- and Jostedal-glacier before we turn north towards Geiranger.
On our way northbound we will fly over Mount Skåla, beautiful Oppstryn with its glacier lakes and steep mountains, the village of Hellesylt, the Geiranger fjord, the Seven Sisters- and The suiter-waterfalls, beautiful old mountain farms, the village of Geiranger and Dalsnibba, before we head back towards Stryn.

• Stryn heliport
• Nordfjord (eastern parts)
• Myklebust glacier
• Village of Loen
• Village of Olden og Olden valley
• Brenndal- og Briksdal glacier
• Village of Stryn and Oppstryn
• Lodalskåpa
• Mt. Dalsnibba
• Village of Geiranger
• The Geiranger fjord
• The waterfalls The Seven Sisters and The Suiter
• Village of Hellesylt
• Stryn Heliport

Pris: 16800,- NOK