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Family Fjord Wilderness Camp | Norway Adventures

Wilderness camping in the pristine and sensational Norwegian fjords

You will meet your guide and the rest of the group in Ålfoten. Where you will get a brief instruction on how to pack & handle a kayak. After which we will kayak to our first campsite, an abandoned farm.We will set up camp, go out fishing for dinner and there is time to explore the surroundings. The next morning we will paddle to the end of the fjord. Than we hike to our next campsite a hidden gem known as the Førsvalley. We will set up camp again and try to catch some trout in the nearby lake for dinner. The following day will go on a hike to find some of the best views in the area. Upon returning there is time for a refreshing dive in one of the mountain lakes. The next day we will break up the camp and hike down back to Ålfoten where we will end the trip. See the day to day program for a more detailed description.