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Modern and attractive cottage at Bøanedsætra in Stryn sorrunded by beautiful nature, and a short distance to the ski resort and hiking trails.

The cabin is of high quality with oak roofs and walls, exclusive tiles, and tasteful furnishings. The cabin has five bedrooms with room for 16-18 people, there are two bathrooms, a laundry room, a cloakroom with space for ski equipment and livingrooms with fireplace. Through the modern architecture of the cabin you gets the feeling that the nature comes inside the cabin. It is centrally located where there is a short drive by car to Stryn center, and to Loen where one can find the hotel Alexandra with spa area and Loen Skylift which takes you from fjord to mountain in five minutes, perfect destination for a day of relaxation. Other tourist destinations such as Briksdalen, Geiranger and the bird cliff at Runde are within a reasonable distance for fine day trips.