Doktorgarden Selje

Doktorgarden is a charming house in Selje city center.

The guesthouse offers accommodation in inviting rooms. There are four double rooms and a guest kitchen. Access to shared bathroom and free Wifi. The house has a terrace and sea view, gift shop and free parking.
Walking distance to shops, express boat to/from Bergen, boat to Selja Kloster, beach and golf course.

Doktorgarden has accommodation all year.
Price for double room:
1090 kr per day for 2 persons.
750 kr per day for 1 person.

Additional extra bed: 250 kr

There is also a café at Doktorgarden Selje. Here you will find a selection of small dishes, good old-fashioned Sunday dinner on Sundays, and delicious cakes, all homemade with a good dose of love. Follow Doktorgarden Selje on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates