The mighty Briksdalsbreen Glacier

Briksdalsbreen Nordfjord
Briksdalsbreen Nordfjord
Briksdalsbreen Nordfjord
Isbree Briksdalsbreen Nordfjord

Briksdalsbreen Glacier and Jostedalsbreen National park

"For me, the path up from the mountain lodge to the Briksdalsbreen glacier is as spectacular as the world famous view that awaits you at the top: the glacier arm plunging 1,200 metres down from the Jostedalsbreen glacier plateau into a lake of a very distinct hue. The glacier has shrunk over the past years, but it is still every bit as magical to get to the top and savour this unique Norwegian gem. On the way, I was greeted by a pleasant (and useful) breed of animal, i.e. goats. Jogging up the narrow Briksdalen valley must be the perfect backdrop for a training session, as you run past waterfalls, rivers, bare mountainsides and magnificent mountains. I would have liked to jog all the way up to Oldeskaret or Kattanakken, but I’ll save that for another time. I recommend stopping past the mountain lodge, where pleasant hosts serve delicious food and refreshments, when you get back to your car. Whether you spend the night at a campsite in Briksdalen or in your own bed, I guarantee that you, like the tourists before you over the past 150 years, will feel like a king after a day in the majesty of nature".

Fred Syversen


Guests from all over the world come to visit this famous glacier arm set attractively between roaring waterfalls and high peaks. Briksdalsbreen is an arm of the great Jostedalsbreen Glacier, and located inside the Jostedalsbreen National Park. From 1200 meters the glacier plunges down into the beautiful Briksdalen Valley. See the Briksdalen valley by foot or catch a ride with one of the "Trollcars" up to the glacier.  

At Briksdalen you will find a restaurant, the areas largest souvenir shop and an office where you can book guided glacier safaris on the lake or " Troll car" trips. 

Due to the ice condition at Briksdal Glacier, there will not be glacier walks here. The location for glacier walks is Tystigbreen Glacier. Please contact Briksdal Adventure for more information (see below).

NOTE: It is very dangerous to move close to the glacier, and everyone must respect the roadblocks. There is much movement in the glacier, and the danger of avalanches is high.

Buss from Stryn every day from June 1st to August 31st.