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Bings gryte

At the top of Jostedalsbreen 1600 meters above sea level you find "Bings gryte", this is a 30m deep hole that is created by turbulence in the winds passing over the glacier. At the bottom its collects melted water that expands it. "Bings gryte" looks like an oasis in the middle of the big, white glacier. But it is not always as good to get an eye on this one, as it is often is covered in snow.

It was Kristian Bing who discovered the pot for over 100 years, when he at his first attempt to walk Jostedalsbreen had to turn due to bad weather.

To get to "Bings gryte", you have to cross Jostedalsbreen, this is one of the most beautiful ski yours you can experience in the spring. The original route takes you from Erdal in Stryn to Fjærland and runs over three days.