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1 day Hidden Fjord Kayaking Trip | Norway Adventures

Away from the busy tourist spots we found this hidden gem for you where you can enjoy spectacular fjord scenery and pristine nature in tranquility

The Hjørundfjord is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled fjords in Norway. Spend half a day kayaking in this natural paradise, viewing the overwhelming rock walls towering over you with waterfalls with clear drinking water, all in a tranquility you find in few places today. This trip is out and back from the sleepy town of Urke (40 inhabitants), and we have lunch along the fjord. At the end of the tour you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a Norwegian waffle at the cozy cafe, Urke Kaihus, from where the Fjordcruise boat to and from Ålesund leaves.


The services of an experienced Norway Adventures guide
Technical and safety training
All kayak equipment

Not included:

Transport (from Ålesund) to the Urke Kaihus and back
Lunch, snacks, and drinks during the tour
Any kayak specific clothing such as dry suit, kayaking pants, etc
Travel insurance

July to August
Max. 10 persons / Min. 2 persons
4-5 hours
Age: 10+