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Rent a ski car!

This season Avis Rent a Car has a special offer for those skiing in Fjord Norway. The price for a station wagon, ski rack included, is only 450,- NOK.

Ski fjord norway

Winter in Nordfjord

The scenery in Nordfjord is among the most beautiful in Norway, the magnificent mountains and the deep fjord form a fantastic backdrop to winter adventures. Skiing resorts, cross country tracks, surfing and winter walks from December to March/April.

Guided adventures
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Ski touring Stryn | Uteguiden

The mountains in Stryn are higher then they are out towards the coast and the Sunnmøre alps but not as sharp, something that makes them perfect for ski touring. The climate is dryer then further out towards the coast and therefore not as affected by the...

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Norway Adventures - ski touring

Norway AdvenTURes arrange guided tours for ski touring and snowshoeing in the mountains around Harpefossen Ski Centre in Nordfjordeid, and other destinations in the Nordfjord region. We organize transportation, food etc on request. Tailor made tours...

Skiing resorts
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Alpepass region

The ski lifts in the amazing mountain range in the northern part of Fjord Norway are now part of the Alpepass. This will give you access to a total of 33 ski lifts, over 60 downhill runs, terrain parks and countless acres of freeride terrain. The...

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Breimsbygda Skisenter

Located 600 meters above sea level. 250 meter vertical drop. 4 ski lifts: two main lifts, children lift and one prepared for handicapped. Groomed slopes, day and night skiing avaliable. Pipe and big jump. 3 km groomed slopes trail for cross...

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Harpefossen Ski Centre

Harpefossen Ski Centre is located in Hjelmelandsdalen Valley in Eid, 10 km from the centre of Nordfjordeid. Arena for National Championships in Alpine Skiing. Located 300 masl. 550 m vertical drop. 6 ski lifts: three main lifts, three children lifts....

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Hornindal Skisenter

Located 5 km north of Grodås. Cross country, alpine, ski jump. 2,5 km trail for cross country, available at night. 450-meter rope lift. Excellent groomed slopes in beautiful surroundings. OPENING HOURS 2015/2016: Lifts:  Saturday and Sunday: 10.30...

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Stryn Winter Ski

Stryn Winter Ski is located on Bøanedsetra in Stryn, 4 km from the town centre. We have two ski- lifts that can take you from 325 mas. to almost 1000 mas. The climate varies a lot in western Norway, but we usually have very good snowconditions in the...

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