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Port of Olden - Nordfjord, Cruise Manual 2015

Port of Olden - Nordfjord, Cruise Manual 2015

The Cruise Manual contains port information and all the excursions that are offered in Nordfjord.

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The Nordfjord ends in three branches; Olden is located in the south. The beautiful Olden Valley stretches approx. 20 km in between 1.700 metres tall mountains at the edge of Jostedalsbreen Glacier.

Photo: Normanns Kunstforlag

Olden is a small pleasant village at the end of the Nordfjord. A ten minute walk from the quay will bring you to the centre of Olden where you can enjoy shops, cafés, ATM and a post-office inside the shop Coop. From June-August you will find a digital tourist information point by Bunnpris. 

The glacier arms embrace the upper part of the valley, and waterfalls and rivers bring the water to Oldevatn Lake and Floen. About 2 km from Olden the river forms an impressive waterfall. The rich moraine soil provides fertile conditions and agriculture is the main trade of the valley. Other industries are commerce, production and tourism. Olden has a population of 1500. It is a part of the municipality Stryn in the county of Sogn & Fjordane.

On arrival a map with information for the Olden area will be available at the port. 

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