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Contact us by phone on +47 57 87 40 53, by mail: and we will assist you in finding accommodation in Nordfjord.

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If you don't want to book online, you are more than welcome to contact our booking office.

We check whether your chosen accommodation is available and then book it for you. The booking service is free of charge. 

Contact us by phone on +47 57 87 40 53, by mail:, by fax +47 57 87 40 41 or by post: P.O.Box 370, NO-6782 Stryn. You will recieve final confirmation of your booking which, once you have endorsed it, will serve as proof of your booking.

We reccommend that you book your accommodation in advance. If you haven`t booked ahead in high season, we reccommend that you get in touch with one of our tourist information offices, which will help you to find the best option.

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Destination Stryn & Nordfjord
Perhusvegen 24, NO-6783 Stryn
Tel. +47 57 87 40 40
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Booking: +47 57 87 40 53

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