Vågsøy Adventure

6700 Måløy

Phone+47 920 23 853

Vågsøy Adventure gives you and all the family fun-filled adventures, both at sea and on land. We are situated in Outer Nordfjord - one of the most scenic areas in Western Norway. Vågsøy Adventure operates with experience both on land and water in Vågsøy. Vågsøy has a diverse and exciting nature. We use the nature that surrounds us in harmony with speed and excitement.
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Vågsøy Adventure - Bicycle hire

Vågsøy Adventure has 3 bikes for rental. Price: NOK 250,- for a day, and NOK 150,- for day 2 etc. Popular bike trips in Vågsøy: Maloy - Vågsvåg (Vågsberget) - Oppedal (Kannesteinen Rock) Maloy - Refviksanden - Kvalheim - Kråkenes Maloy -...

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Destination Stryn & Nordfjord
Perhusvegen 24, NO-6783 Stryn
Tel. +47 57 87 40 40
E-mail: mail(a)

Booking: +47 57 87 40 53

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