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Explore the Nordfjord region

Glittering fjord and vast sea. Towering mountains. Blue glaciers between green valleys - everything within a distance of 2-3 hours. The Nordfjord is one of the famous fjords on the west coast of Norway, and offer great adventures year round.

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Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norge
Front page article
Photo: Thomas Bickhardt/BickFoto

Many sides to Nordfjord

The glacier, the fjord, the coast and the mountanins in Nordfjord are some of the most magnificent features of the Norwegian countryside. idyllic coastal communities and peaceful inland countryside districts, modern country villages and dramatic landscapes. Nordfjord is perfect for you if you are interested in peaceful excursions on your own, but just as suitable if you are looking for organised adventourous activities.

Small distances - big experiences

Let yourself be fascinated by the mighty Jostedalsbreen (Jostedal Glacier) and experience a guided glacier tour on Bødalsbreen (Bødal Glacier). Get a tan from genuine high mountain sun, whilst you enjoy the snow at Stryn Summer Ski Centre. The landscape opens and the sea air meets you. Let your muscles rest on a white sandy beach, come along on a fishing trip or try your surf board out at Stad. In the coastal town Måløy you can eat prawns and wander around the town with a guide.

Adventurous culture

Ride a fjord horse, this is where they belong. Travel to the historic Selje Monastery. Let the guide at Nordfjord Folkemuseum take you amongst the soulful old buildings, or glide out over Europe's deepest lake - Hornindalsvatnet. Allow yourself a spa hour after a magnificent outing in the mountains. Or experience a lively Saturday market amongst picturesque low wooden houses in Eidsgata.

Explore Nordfjord - we promise that you will want to come back.


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