The best way to invite travellers is with visual appetizers that really tempt them to pack their bags! Destination Stryn & Nordfjord provides a wide range of images. Free-of-charge.

Foto: Imageshop Nordfjord

Tour operators, magazines and newspapers are welcome to freely download photographs – provided they are used to promote Nordfjord. Our quality photographs can be used in articles about Nordfjord, brochures, tour programmes and Internet presentations. Please note that our photos cannot be used commercially, such as on postcards or on T-shirts.

Our Internet-based Photo Service gives you hundreds of photographs to choose from, featuring attractions throughout the Nordfjord region. Subject matters include adventures, highlights and activities, museums and other attractions. All of the images are first-rate, photographically as well as technically. They are available in low resolutions for layout work and web presentations, as well as high resolution for use in magazines and quality brochures.

Visit our photo service here

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